viernes, septiembre 10, 2010

Fechas fechas

Inicio del curso 2010:

The Vampire Diaries, Sept. 9
The Event, Sept. 20
The Big Bang Theory, Sept. 23
Fringe, Sept. 23
Medium, Sept. 24
Supernatural, Sept. 24
Yep, Sam's alive, but Dean's given up hunting. However, you know that isn't going to last. Luckily, the gang at Supernatural has more monsters to hunt, this time of the cryptozoological sort, said executive producer Ben Edlund.
"I'm pretty pleased and happy that we have a whole undiscovered country inside the mythos of our world. So that is where the camera has turned. It does some things for us that are very handy. One is finding an interesting area laterally. We don't have to immediately get involved in the notion of trying to top the devil fighting," Edlund said with a laugh. "The whole fighting-the-devil thing ... very big." Guest stars this season include Corin Nemec and Mitch Pileggi, who appears in several episodes as the brothers' grandfather. And star Jensen Ackles will direct the season's fourth episode.
Stargate Universe, Sept. 28

Sanctuary, Oct. 15
The Walking Dead, Oct. 31

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