domingo, marzo 30, 2008

Por fin viernes (In treatment, 2º intento)

Spoilers del 4º viernes, quedáis avisados.
I guess it's 'cause this shitty week is finally over.
it was a crucial therapeutic breakthrough.
Of course, I'm angry at everything these days.
This week was particularly...
Alex, the fighter pilot, met Laura.
You said that ending the therapy was the best good solution.
I said it might be necessary for her sake.
What do you want me to say? That I sit opposite her and say, "What if?"
Amazingly insensitive dumb kid
but Christ, it made me so angry.
I'm just telling you about my week.
It must be flattering.
A man would have to be made of rock not to react,
I mean, is it really wrong?
Then a year, 18 months, when it's cooled off.
Christ,you're so fucking fundamentalist.
You want to be desired.
Please, Gina. Not this again.
About me and Laura and Kate.
of analytical castration... - That sounds horrible.
I happen to like my patients.
I can't help but connect with the person.
That's who I am as a therapist.
Laura cried.
I came to you instead. I came especially to you.
I really want to look at this. I want to examine it.
You need to say it.
I'm not running away, no matter what you tell me.
We've already crossed lines of conduct in this room.
I'm here for you.
I won't abandon you.
No matter what, I'm here.
I love her.

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