miércoles, mayo 30, 2007


Sí. Ya he visto el último ep.

Me ha dejado un sabor agridulce, si quereis que os diga la verdad. Por un lado, el desenlace me ha encantado (dos hermanos in love, cómo no me va a gustar ;-)), pero por otro, el ritmo ha sido lento, la escena de lucha está mal desarrollada, y la verdad, quería MÁS.

Y ahora tengo un mono increíble. Ya me he leído los comics (los aconsejo, ahora están con la historia del Haitiano), frecuento los foros con desesperación (pero qué gente hay por ahí!), y a estoy a ver si cazo algún fanfic q valga la pena (recomiendo Ducks in the Bathtub).

Hasta finales de septiembre no vemos la 2ª temp. Muy largo el verano...



Spoilers de la 2ª temp: http://www.comicbookresources.com/news/newsitem.cgi?id=10692
Los spoilers los tenéis traducidos en el blog mencionado más arriba.

Lo q más me ha impactado de la entrevista q se puede leer en ese enlace:

- Para los fans del Sr. Muggles (Mordisquitos), avisaros que tras duras negociaciones nuestro perro favorito volverá la próxima temporada.

- Que el Haitiano no apareciera en los últimos episodios de la primera temporada será explicado en la segunda y será algo muy importante.

- El collar del haitiano se pondrá a la venta en Internet, así que se podrá conseguir sin problemas.

- "Was the fact that Nathan was needed to fly Peter away just done for dramatic effect since Peter has flight, too, or does this prove Peter only has access to one power at a time?"
It’s the later. Peter even says, “I can’t stop it. I can’t do anything.” Peter was helpless. There were two options. Kill Peter. Or Nathan could fly him away and try to save them all. Now, if Peter or Nathan survived and how – remains to be seen.

-Yes. Sylar did not turn into a cockroach.

- My question is about the appearance of Charles Deveaux in Peter's dream/vision in the finale. He says that Linderman may have backed the wrong son and he tells Peter that he has potential and that looking at Peter gives him hope. Was Deveaux just talking about the events in the finale? Because it seems to me that he was referring more to long-term developments — possibly things that could happen in Season 2. Am I right?"
You could be right. The relationship between brothers is complex and changing. Peter was a very good guy. Nathan had his dark streak. Their story is not over.

- Any possibility that Mrs. Petrelli might have a connection to Joan of Arc? Joan is listed on the Yamagato Fellowship's website, along with Kensei."
That’s some interesting thinking Robert. But, there’s a whole country that speaks French, and they’re not all related to Joan of Arc. However, our Heroes will be traveling to France next season.

- "The season finale was a real nail biter, but I must say I thought there would be a bit more action in the fight between Peter and the heroes vs. Sylar. What was the thinking behing not making a big, comic book-like 'flashy' showdown?"
To stay true to the show, we wanted to make sure everything rested on character, and that all the choices made, finale or not, seemed true to our characters. Claire jumping out the window. Niki stepping in to help Peter’s fight with Sylar, Hiro’s fight with and then stabbing of Sylar, and of course, the final moment with Nathan. No matter what we put forward, we suspect it may have fallen short of the high expectations – but for the people who thought we could have leaned into the action a little bit more, we hope to make it up in spades when we get back.

- As the old saying goes, sometimes a bloodstain is just a bloodstain.

- "Has Peter now acquired every power of those present at Kirby Plaza? Or only those that got very close to him? What’s his range, anyway?"
With everything we’ve seen in the show so far – Peter has every ability he encountered in Kirby Plaza. That would make him one powerful guy. But, a lot of that depends if he survived the big boom or not.

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